Blind Spotting

“Any situation can be viewed as either a positive or a negative, an obstacle or an opportunity and it is how we frame these situations that determines how we feel about our life.  We feel a big part of our job is to help you look at the changes and challenges you face in the right context so that you are able to continue your journey towards a better life.

It is said that “two heads are better than one,” so we contend that the collective knowledge of our team can be even more valuable than any single advisor.  Through our years of experience, we can see the situations that have caused problems before and proactively work to address them before they become issues for your family. 

In today’s world, finances play a role in just about every decision we make, so we feel your financial advisor should be there for you.  At 626 Financial, that does not mean quickly commenting on the market or interest rates, it means getting into the issues that face our clients.  By doing this we have an open dialogue that leads to unique solutions or connections with others.”

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