Our Process

In today’s world of commission-free trades and “robo” advice, we provide our clients something different:  a long-term focus, personal attention, and proactive planning, all from a trusted advisor.  This level of service is not what you’ll experience from the national firms because building strong, trusting relationships is a process that generally cannot be duplicated on a large scale.

 With a deeper understanding of our clients’ lives and challenges, we are able to provide very personalized guidance.  Our recommendations are built on our distinct industry knowledge in combination with the collective wisdom and perspective of our extended community.  These recommendations help our clients avoid major oversights and move confidently toward their best life.  For those looking to expand their personal network, we go even further to connect clients in fun and interesting ways.  These interactions promote growth, sharing and further extend the community.

Blind Spotting

Leveraging the community’s experience

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Disciplined Action

In depth planning and dynamic advice
Increase Knowledge
Solve Problems
Invest Wisely

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Extending Community

We treat each relationship like family

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