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Best Practices

We have developed a four part process we use with our clients called FIRM. The process was developed to make sure no stone was left unturned from start to finish.

The process is as follows:

F - Financial Discovery
I - Information Gathering
R - Recommendations
M - Monitor

Financial Discovery

This part of the process is a meeting of the hearts and minds. You are trying to determine if we are a good fit for your needs, and we are trying to determine if you are a good fit for our practice. We listen to your financial needs and concerns to figure out whether or not we can be of service. We typically drill down into each of the areas we specialize in so you have a thorough understanding of how we can assist you.

Information Gathering

Once we have determined there is a good fit on both sides, we enter the information gathering stage. This is where we collect information on your current investment strategy, estate plan, tax considerations and financial plan. We want to be sure we have a complete understanding of where you are so we can develop a strategy on how to move forward.


Each and every client we work with has differing goals, objectives and risk tolerance. It is critical that these key areas match the investment strategy you are using. If we feel there is a disconnect between these areas and your investment strategy, we work to develop and implement a plan that is specifically tailored to you. We must determine the appropriate products to use within the proper asset allocation at a competitive cost.


We enter the client relationship with the goal of retaining that client forever. It is critical that we monitor the ever changing needs of our clients to make sure the portfolio always matches those needs. We recommend changes as necessary and make regular and meaningful contact with clients. Our goal is to be proactive with each client to make sure every detail of their financial life is addressed.